Mike's Vision

Mike Johnson’s Vision for Albemarle County:


Albemarle County is a beautiful corner of the world, and I am grateful every day to call this my home.

I want our rolling hills and mountain views, our vast stretches of agricultural land, vineyards and horse farms, to be valued and enjoyed by all of our residents. Our suburban neighborhoods of well-kept homes blend into our rural areas, and are lined with a mature and healthy tree canopy. We are a thriving and diverse community of shared experience and bonds of trust.

I want to keep it that way.

I am running for Rivanna Supervisor because I don’t want us to squander this intangible wealth. By following our current path, we risk overburdening our residents with excessive and unnecessary taxes—taxes that cut into family budgets and ultimately may force residents to flee to adjacent counties.

Our community is small—only 106,000 people! Yet our County budget is bloated and out of proportion to our population.

This is a critically important election. It is about the efficiency and the transparency of our local government. Sadly, careless policies and poor decisions of our current supervisors are rendering the County unaffordable and unlivable for many.

We need open debate about County issues like taxation and spending.  We need an end to government behind closed doors.

Our supervisors routinely rubber-stamp the costly plans put forth by County staff without considering the negative effects of these plans  on taxpayers and their families. Residents have stopped attending Board of Supervisor meetings, leaving mostly empty seats in Lane Auditorium! Sadly, many of our residents no longer feel that they have a voice in their own government.

I strongly oppose the lavish County spending, which burdens residents with ever -higher taxes.

If I am elected I will also stop the ongoing efforts of the County to micromanage the daily lives of our farmers, landowners, and householders. The County has no business forming “partnerships” with businesses and non-profits, involving taxpayers in risky development ventures.

Q. Who would invest in stocks that they knew nothing about?

A. No rational person.

Our free-spending Supervisors are gambling with your money.

We need to consider an alternative approach to constructing the County’s budget. This can be done without raising taxes, imposing fees like the insidious “rain tax,” or relying on rising assessments.

I am opposed to issuing bonds that will burden future generations.

The County needs to apply more stringent cost-benefit analysis to its policies and programs and more common sense to the formulation of its spending priorities. The phony “surveys” that are used to justify questionable spending need to be scrutinized for statistical validity before they are used to add bloat to the County budget.

I would also like to revisit the Revenue Sharing Agreement with Charlottesville City.  For County taxpayers, this accord amounts to taxation without representation and provides little-to-no value.

I am a mathematician by education and profession. I will apply razor sharp scrutiny and competent analysis to the costly proposals that require exorbitant taxes. I will work hard to provide the tax relief that our residents so desperately need.

Albemarle County needs to be set on a new course, one that puts the well-being and interests of County residents first, and above those of special interests and big-government proponents